PRAC-RSM Toronto presents Communism Out Loud- a revolutionary new way of studying.


Want to learn more about the basics of communism but have trouble finishing required readings? Come out to our reading group and learn about the basics of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

These sessions are meant for beginners with no prior knowledge of MLM. We will be taking turns to read out loud with facilitators to guide discussion and answer any questions you might have.The group meets twice a month in on-campus and off-campus locations. Everyone willing to learn is welcome. Look for a new program of readings coming soon for Fall 2013, but in the mean time check out the materials which we have previous learned from.

Summer 2013 Curriculum

How We Intend To Fight

Black Like Mao- Red China and Black Revolution

People’s war in The Philippines

People’s War in Peru

People’s War in India

Winter 2013- Marxism/Leninism/Maoism Introductory Course

Part One- Marxism

Part Two- Leninism

Part Three- Maoism

Readings from previous Communist Schools:

1. Brave New World – Philosophical Trends in the Feminist Movement (pp.11-59) by Avanti

2. Women of the Proletariat (pp. 18-20) 

Older readings

Jan 11th, 2012: 1. /17/walking-with-comrades/


3. Recommended reading (NOT required): Days and Nights in the Heartland of Rebellion, located here at the bottom right corner. Or click here for direct download.

Nov 17th: A. Rausch: IN PARTIAL PAYMENT-Class Struggle, Sexuality and the Gay Movement

Oct 6th: Shashi Prakash: Where should students and youth make a new beginning?


Other resources (not for comm skool)

Why Maoism?by Shashi Prakash


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