Weekly Discussion Group at the University of Toronto!

RSM UofT discussion group

Join the members of the Revolutionary Student Movement at the University of Toronto for a weekly communist discussion group! Contact revolutionary.studentsto@gmail.com if you’d like to join!!

WHEN: Every Wednesday, starting September 24, 2014

WHERE: OISE room 2190, 252 Bloor Street West

Revolutionaries shut down Men’s Rights Activists event at the University of Toronto

Comrades from the Revolutionary Student Movement, the Proletarian Feminist Front, and the Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee confronted reactionary Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) as they gathered to spread their message of misogyny this past Tuesday at the University of Toronto.

MRAs, organized under the dubiously-named “Canadian Association For Equality” were completely unprepared for the opposition they must inevitably face. After facing the organized resistance of the comrades, who disrupted the meeting by shouting slogans, heckling, and singing “The Internationale”, the MRAs disbanded their meeting and attempted to relocate and reconvene. The comrades pursued them, again forcing an end to their event.

After dispersing entirely, the MRAs scattered like cockroaches and found a hidden corner of the campus in which to collectively lick their wounds. Laughably, they have even attempted to use this fact as evidence that their event was not shut down!

The emergence of Men’s Rights Activists, who attempt to paint feminism as the source of men’s “oppression” and “declining status” – is a trend which must be curtailed. From rape apologism to the stalking, harassment and threatening of feminist activists, MRAs have revealed that they are more interested in being the enemies of women than anything else.

This is another in a series of examples where organized resistance to Men’s Rights reaction is met with overwhelming success. They demonstrate time and again that they are incapable of holding firm in the face of opposition. A cowardly politics gives rise to cowardly behaviour, and with resolution and organization we can drive this anti-people ideology into the dustbin of history!

No Matter Who Wins, The Working Class Loses! Ontario Election Boycott Forum- Saturday, June 7


Time and again, the working class is expected to go to the polls and endorse the section of the ruling class that will oppress, exploit and mislead them for the years to come.

More and more, we’re refusing to take part in the charade. More than half the working class knows this system can never be for them, and its time to harness this latent rejection of the bourgeoisie and its sham ‘democracy’, to build a revolutionary movement that will put an end to this rotten system once and for all!

Join comrades from the Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee, the Revolutionary Student Movement, the Proletarian Feminist Front and the International Campaign Against the War on the People of India as we expose the bankruptcy of the parliamentary system and begin to chart a course toward the revolutionary transformation of society.

Time: Saturday June 7, 2 pm
Location: OISE room 5250
To find out more about the Ontario wide boycott campaign, please visit www.boycott2014.ca

Join the Revolutionary Student Movement and the Proletarian Feminist Front for a Revolutionary May Day!

This International Worker’s Day, join the Revolutionary Student Movement and the Proletarian Feminist Front Toronto as we celebrate the historical struggles of working class people, and rally together in our fight for communism!

The Revolutionary Student Movement will be hosting an hour of radio on CHRY 105.5 FM from 1 pm-2 pm as part of their special May Day Programming. We will be highlighting the struggles of working class youth and students under capitalism, by presenting stories and interviews with organizers and activists about the need to build a revolutionary movement. You can tune in online at http://www.chry.fm/


Later in the evening, join us as we participate in the 9th Annual May Day Rally. We will be meeting at Alan Gardens at 530 pm. Look for the red flags and the Mao banner!

Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win!


Next Communist School: The State and Revolution


The entire capitalist economy is based on the exploitation and oppression of the vast majority of the world’s people. How has it been able to continue? By what means has the power and wealth of the ruling class been preserved despite the fact that they are objectively murderers and parasites?

In short: the state.

In order to maintain their domination over the rest of society, ruling classes have always required special bodies of armed people to enforce their particular systems of exploitation and oppression. This has been true whether that ruling class is a parasitic minority or the working majority.

What is the nature of the state in contemporary capitalist society? What are its material and ideological elements? What will a worker’s state, one through which the masses enforce their leadership of society, look like? What is the relevance of any of this to revolutionaries in the here and now?

Join the RSM for a presentation and discussion of these pressing questions.

Communist School is a regular educational program of the Revolutionary Student Movement. We discuss topics that are relevant to revolutionary politics today. The aim is to propagate revolutionary thought, create space for critical learning and discussion, and support each others’ theoretical development that will inform correct revolutionary practice!

If you have any questions or are interested in getting involved, revolutionarystudentsto@gmail.com


April 7

4-6 pm

OISE Room 5170

252 Bloor St W

Want to build a combative, anti-capitalist student and youth movement?

Report-back from the Third National Conference of Revolutionary Students and Youth 

poster for reportback event

The Third National Conference of Revolutionary Students and youths, held March 1 and 2, was a success. It further solidified the determination of young revolutionaries from across Ontario, Quebec, and BC in building the kind of organization that’s capable of leading the masses of oppressed and exploited youths in Canada.

Attendees from the conference will report back on the resolutions adopted at the conference. They will also share the knowledge they gained from talking with other revolutionary students and youths.

Revolutionary students and youth who were not at the conference, but who are interested in building a combative, anti-capitalist student and youth movement should come out and discuss the kind of work they’re interested in doing.

Together, we can further the development of a real power to defeat the bourgeoisie in Canada.

The capitalist system is rotten! Down with the system that sucks the blood of proletarian students and youth!

For more info about the conference: http://www.mer-rsm.com/2014/01/call-out-for-third-national-conference.html

For the Facebook event page, visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/296408813817110/

If you have any questions, please contact the RSM-UofT at revolutionarystudentsto@gmail.com


Location: Innis Town Hall, room 209Date and time: Thursday March 20th, 6PM-8PM

Light refreshment provided

Militant students at University of Toronto prepare for a mass mobilization to Stop the Eviction of the Transitional Year Programme (TYP)!

typ rally poster letter size (1)

Members of the Transitional Year Programme Preservation Alliance (TYPPA) are gearing up for a mass mobilization on February 27, 2014, the date of University of Toronto’s Govering Council meeting. The Council will meet to approve the development of “Site 10.” This decision will result in the demolition of 49 St. George Street, which houses the Transitional Year Programme, to make way for the construction of the Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepeneurship. If passed, TYP will be moved to the basement & first floor of a Woodworth College building, a much smaller space than its current space. More than half of the proposed space will also be shared with the college.

Militant students and alumni of TYP and their allies have been actively intervening in UofT’s board meetings to demand that TYP be relocated to a space that is comparable to its current home and for the program’s budget and operations to be restored to full capacity.In response, the administration has argued that the proposed smaller space allocated for TYP is based on its current operation.

“The provost keeps on insisting that the budget is separate issue from the allocation of space,” says one TYPPA member, “but we can’t be fooled, we know its related and part of the plan to slowly eliminate TYP.”

For the past few years, the administration has flatlined TYP’s budget, refused to replace retired faculty, and reduced its enrolment size. The administration has also been forcing TYP to amalgamate with Woodsworth’s Academic Bridging Program, a change that would compromise its autonomy and lose its focus on recruiting working-class, Black and Indigenous adults to its program.

“First, the university downsizes the program, then decides to move it a smaller space,” explains the TYPPA member. “And it is no accident that the space they have ‘found’ for us is in a college where they’ve always wanted it to be absorbed into,” the member added.

The Revolutionary Student Movement – UofT chapter, has been actively supporting the proletriat TYP students and alumni in their fight to preserve the program. “TYP is an initiative started by radical Black students, aimed to serve the most oppressed sectors of our society,” according to an RSM member, “it is the task of revolutionaries to protect the initiatives and advance the interests of the proletariat members of the student population.”

RSM believes that working-class, progressive students and youth must learn about the vital role that students and youth have and can play in the making of revolutionary history. It calls on all proletariat youth and students to join the February 27th mobilization in solidarity with program’s students and alumni. “It is not the university’s Governing Council, but rather the realization of our will to fight, that will ultimately determine the fate of TYP,” declares an RSM member.

Winter Communist School #2: The Student Struggle

Hello everyone,

I am excited to announce that RSM-UofT is having its second communist school of winter 2014 this upcoming Monday, February 10th from 4-6PM, at the Centre for Women and Trans People (563 Spadina Ave, room 100). The topic is on the student movement. A more detailed description of some of the issues we will touch on is outlined below. We will also have a speaker from Guelph to talk about the upcoming national conference of Revolutionary Student and Youth happening in Montreal on March 1 & 2nd. This is a communist school not to be missed!
Coming out of the Quebec student strike of 2012, radical and revolutionary students from across Canada have increasingly tried to emulate the militancy of the Quebec students in their own locales. And yet despite the increasing radicalisation of students, the traditional student associations (the Canadian Federation of Students and the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations) have proven unable to advance the student struggles outside of Quebec. In this context, the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canadainitiated a series of conferences -the third of which is to be held in Montreal in March of 2014 (http://www.mer-rsm.com/2014/01/call-out-for-third-national-conference.html)- designed to bring revolutionary students together for the formation of a real Revolutionary Student Movement; a truly combative student movement capable of winning real victories and advancing the class struggle in Canada.
What is the role of students within the class struggle? Are students a revolutionary subject? Why aren’t the current student associations -the CFS and CASA- capable of advancing the class struggle in Canada and Quebec? What type of organisation is needed among students to advance the class struggle? What is, and why do we need a Revolutionary Student Movement?

Communist School presents: Long Live MLM!


Communist School is back this fall!

Lesson 3 is a read-out-loud and discussion of the document, “Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!”

Where: 563 Spadina Ave, Room 100
* wheelchair accessible via Bancroft Ave.

When: December 8, Sunday, 4-6PM

Childcare available on site. Refreshments will be served.

Fall Communist School is a biweekly educational initiative hosted by the Revolutionary Student Movement – Toronto.

If you would like to help out in the organizing of communist school, let us know! Believe it or not, it’s just as fun, if not, even more fun, than attending the school itself!
email revolutionarystudentsto@gmail.com to get involved.

Solidarity Statement for the Revolutionary Students at CUNY

Solidarity Statement

The Revolutionary Student Movement (Toronto Chapter) sends its revolutionary greetings to the Revolutionary Students Coordinating Committee. We write to express our full solidarity with Comrades Khalil Vasquez and Tafador Sourov, and the CUNY 6. We are inspired by the initiatives your comrades have taken in leading righteous struggles on campus that expose the university as a cog in the US imperialist machinery; that reveal its functional role in sustaining and reproducing the very class society that we would like to see smashed. The actions of your comrades mobilized a great number of young people against the injustices meted out by the existing capitalist order.

Taffy and Khalil. Photo by Jeff Mays.

Taffy and Khalil. Photo by Jeff Mays.

The ivory tower is not neutral. It is not a space for the free exchange of ideas and expression of oppositional viewpoints. The ruling class and its state show their hypocrisy to the whole world when sections of the masses place revolutionary politics in command, to put these ideas into action, to dissent, protest and threaten the social peace. It is in exactly these times that the facade of academic freedom, along with all the other liberal freedoms, are revoked.

We have watched, with a keen eye, the impressive mobilization of students and community members on CUNY campus chase down the imperialist war-mongerer and CIA snoop-in-chief, David Petraeus. It is right to protest his appointment to faculty by the CUNY administration. It is right to expose how knowledge production at universities is geared toward the destruction, by military means, by increasing NGOization (imperialism’s softer, kinder face), of the oppressed masses in subjugated countries all over the world.

As the University of Toronto administration seeks to dismantle a small independent program called the Transitional Year Programme, a program originally started by Black students as a way to address the structural barriers that historically prevent proletarian and Native students from attending university, we have also been watching the impressive mobilization your comrades have organized to keep the Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community and Student Center open. As we find more and more similarities in the struggles on our campuses, your actions inspire us to keep struggling with the current students, alumni, and community members who have called the TYP home.

As universities here and everywhere implement their austerity measures, by gutting programs that actually provide some meaningful services  in this odious capitalist system, it is the responsibility of anti-capitalist and revolutionary students to show solidarity with one another and to build on each other’s work. Our plan in the coming months is to broaden the struggle, to call for the proletarianization of the University of Toronto! Should the CUNY administration proceed with their charges against Vasquez and Sourov, we will mobilize here in defense of our shared struggle.

We thus vehemently condemn the CUNY administration’s targeting of Vasquez and Sourov, who are undoubtedly singled out because of their communist political views and their ability to move others to struggle openly and fearlessly for what they believe in: to struggle for justice, to struggle against political apathy and nihilism that would otherwise engulf this generation of youth. We demand that all charges against Vasquez and Sourov be dropped and that they be reinstated immediately. The hypocrisy and bureaucratic measures of these so-called ‘student codes of conduct’ and ‘disruption policies’–the Policy on Expressive Conduct at CUNY–only speaks to the fear of those who sit on university governing bodies, those who also have political and economic stakes in shutting down dissent and protest that threaten business as usual.

Proletarianize the University!

Education for Liberation! 

Education that Serves the People!

For more info, visit the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee: http://revolutionarystudents.wordpress.com/