Want to build a combative, anti-capitalist student and youth movement?

Report-back from the Third National Conference of Revolutionary Students and Youth 

poster for reportback event

The Third National Conference of Revolutionary Students and youths, held March 1 and 2, was a success. It further solidified the determination of young revolutionaries from across Ontario, Quebec, and BC in building the kind of organization that’s capable of leading the masses of oppressed and exploited youths in Canada.

Attendees from the conference will report back on the resolutions adopted at the conference. They will also share the knowledge they gained from talking with other revolutionary students and youths.

Revolutionary students and youth who were not at the conference, but who are interested in building a combative, anti-capitalist student and youth movement should come out and discuss the kind of work they’re interested in doing.

Together, we can further the development of a real power to defeat the bourgeoisie in Canada.

The capitalist system is rotten! Down with the system that sucks the blood of proletarian students and youth!

For more info about the conference: http://www.mer-rsm.com/2014/01/call-out-for-third-national-conference.html

For the Facebook event page, visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/296408813817110/

If you have any questions, please contact the RSM-UofT at revolutionarystudentsto@gmail.com


Location: Innis Town Hall, room 209Date and time: Thursday March 20th, 6PM-8PM

Light refreshment provided

Communist Skool Launch!

Event poster:

Please read  Prakash’s  “Where Should Students and Youth Make a New Beginning?” We will also be taking a recent youth issue of the Partisan–a newspaper published  by the RCP (Revolutionary Communist Party)–and discussing a segment of it. The newspaper article will be available at the meeting.

Our aim is to help students and youth gain a theoretical understanding of our political tasks, as well as brainstorm some practical ideas for realizing our revolutionary goals.

Directions: get off at St. George subway station at Bedford, then go West until you see a gray, ramped building. Enter via side entrance and take elevator to the 5th floor.

We look forward to seeing you at our launch!

Join an anti-capitalist, anti-reformist revolutionary youth movement!

Dear students and youth:

The Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM), based in Toronto, is having its first open meeting this coming Wed. Sept. 28th, at 6:30PM. Location is OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education) room 5150.

If you are reading this, no doubt you’ve heard about us from our outreaching, from our comrades in Montreal and Toronto, or just by word-of-mouth. No doubt you are already apart of anti-capitalist movement, or want to be.

Come to the meeting to:

-find out what is communism, and what is Maoism

-engage in political discussion with us

-vent to us and let us vent to you about the increasing difficulty of being a young person in capitalist society

-meet us and allow us to meet you

-find about our programs

-write for our paper

-find out more about communist skool (launching Thur. Oct 6th!)

-find out more about student and youth revolutionary movements all over the world

Light snacks will be provided. Bring your friends. No registration necessary.