Communist School presents: Proletarian Feminism


Communist School is back this fall!

First session is a workshop/facilitated discussion on proletariat feminism led by members of the Proletarian Revolutionary Action Committee!

Using a historical materialist framework, the workshop aims to:

1. discuss what has been happening in the global feminist movement for the past century, its current form/s, and how we got there
2. historicize and expose the contradictions of reactionary and liberal trends in feminism.
3. situate class and class struggle as the centre of feminist analysis/politic
4. understand the necessity of building a militant and revolutionary feminist movement!

The description might be jargon-y, but do not fret! Communist School sessions are designed to be accessible and encourage participation from everyone.

Where: 563 Spadina Ave, Room 100
* wheelchair accessible via Bancroft Ave.

When: November 10, Sunday, 4-6PM

Childcare available on site. Refreshments will be served.


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