Denounce the MRAs! Defend women’s rights! Build the Revolutionary Students’ Movement

Recently, U of T has seen an upsurge of men’s rights activism (MRA).  Warren Farrell travelled to the university to discuss his new book, The Myth of Male Power.  His “in-depth” outline of male powerless has incited a new pro-men movement on our campus.  MRAs on campus have been campaigning with posters and guest speakers in order to draw attention towards new issues men are facing within our society. Some of these issues revolve around the erosion of masculinity, sexual consent, biased portrayals of men in the media and a global lack of representation.

It is not a surprise that significant numbers of Western men are drawn towards a pro-male movement that distinguishes women as the reason for economic depression and the erosion of patriarchal norms. Men feel threatened by dramatic changes in their traditional roles in recent decades. They have seen a dramatic decline in their economic status and ability to achieve economic success or stability, a shift in their ‘historic’ role as breadwinner and a general shift away from patriarchal structures of the family.

As a result, the underworld of misogynists has been unleashed. From the blogosphere, to men’s separatist movements and now to campuses nationwide their fury goes well beyond criticisms of the family court system, domestic violence laws and false rape accusations. The scary reality is literally hundreds of websites, action groups and advocates whose political line reeks of misogyny: within this movement, women are branded sluts, gold diggers and temptresses and the police have been named ‘armed enablers’ or women’s rights. Unfortunately, men’s rights activist and the organizations they politically affiliate themselves with hold other anti-modern, proto-fascist sentiments such as opposition to same sex marriage, immigration, women in the workplace and the economic advancement of non-white citizens.


The KKK, like the MRAs, also construed itself as “victims”.

We do not deny that men have suffered in daily life, mental health and self-esteem. However, we contend that blame placed on women is misdirected.  Instead of understanding economic hardship and political powerlessness as the manifestations of the capitalist order, in which increasing numbers of proletarians are forced to compete for crumbs, while the bourgeoisie reap record profits, MRAs categorically blame women for their losses of social, legal and economic status. We cannot tolerate this reactionary point-of-view! The MRAs must be exposed for what they really are—at best, opportunistic hate-mongers who are taking advantage of the powerlessness keenly felt by the masses. At worst, they represent the most reactive, backward voices within the masses. As such, they need to be verbally condemned as well as physically challenged.

Only a revolutionary students’ movement that unites the progressives on campus will be successful in fighting this hateful, opportunistic trend as well as future proto-fascist movements. Only a RSM can unite proletarian women on campus with those who seek to defend and further women’s rights, and all genders’ liberation. Let’s build the RSM!

4 responses to “Denounce the MRAs! Defend women’s rights! Build the Revolutionary Students’ Movement

  1. Who’s paranoid? These MRAs are openly active on at least one campus in Toronto and have posted pictures of feminist activists online in an attempt to incite harassment against them. It’s a real thing that’s actually happening out in the open.

  2. You are all a bunch of fucking idiots.

    You spit upon the glorious legacy of Marxism-Leninism by promoting this insane identity politics line. This is the result of degenerate petit-bourgeois and revisionist politics based not upon class struggle or intellectual fervor but hipsterism. You idiots should be ashamed for deciding to make fighting a few bespectacled weirdos on campus your primary target. You will fight every “anti oppression” battle and ultimately lose the important battle which is the creation of socialism and emancipation of the working classes.

    In addition you have taken the liberal/radical rather than Marxist feminist positions. The liberal and radical ideas are truthfully two sides of the same coin as they split up the movement for the freedom of the oppressed and turn them into individual struggles over nothing. Indeed you do not take a dialectical approach as if you did you would realize how bourgeois feminism DOES discriminate against men in some cases and thus uses identity politics to drive a wedge between the two movements. In the advanced capitalist world there is de jure and de facto equality of the sexes, and men’s rights are in some ways being eroded for the advantages of the capitalists such as through higher male unemployment and female-favouring divorce laws.

    You are the worst form of revisionist pseudo-Marxists. Fortunately as you grow up and openly abandon the revolutionary struggle in favour of expensive caffeinated beverages and middle-ranking service jobs, your ideas as well as persons shall find themselves in the dustbin of history.

    • Trolling much? You sound like you didn’t read the article, your criticisms are vague and not specific to the issue at hand.

      The article addresses that they recognize that men are also hurt by patriarchy. Fighting MRAs isn’t their primary goal either, it’s a part of a larger struggle. If you actually want to argue that there is equality of the sexes, bring up some data and argue that, it would be much more productive than name calling.

      Also, there’s no need to try to be special snowflake by calling yourself a Marxist-Leninist on the MRA site and trying to use that to attack the RSM. Calling yourself dr rustles doesn’t help either.

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